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In the world of skinny models and shapely stars obese people feel ugly and miserable. It is more than a diet or lifestyle problem – it is the function of their brain; that is why persons with extra pounds need a natural safe treatment such as Herbal Extra Slim to get fit again.

Herbal Extra Slim work by triggering fat burning and boosting your energy level at the same time. The pills are taken once daily before or after breakfast with some water.Drink more water during your Herbal Extra Slim treatment.

Keep to a healthy diet and try to exercise regularly. Never skip meals if you feel painful hunger signals – eat something light instead! Do not consume alcohol during your therapy!

The medication is not recommended to people with psychosis or drug/alcohol addiction. Patients with hyperthyroidism or insufficiency of liver/kidney function should not take Herbal Extra Slim. Pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as patients with severe heart diseases and apoplexy are forbidden to take the medication.

Herbal Extra Slim is natural well-tolerated medication that has no side effects typical for slimming pills (rebound, diarrhea etc). If your stomach is weak, take your pills after breakfast. If you develop any signs of allergy, turn for medical help immediately!

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